How to Obtain

Allows you to dig for gold or other treasures.

10 Skill Points

Deals damage and stuns attacker.

50 Skill Points

Run away from most attackers

150 Skill Points

Switches current health and magic points.

300 Skill Points

Creates a wall of fire that burns attackers.

500 Skill Points

Revives you when your health falls to 0

800 Skill Points

Transports you to a warp ring.

Scalene Society
(quest reward)

Convert gold into magic or magic into gold.

Division Desert
(quest reward)

Find the weakness of a foe in the battle arena.

Battle Arena:
3 Medallions

Terrify your attacker, preventing it from using
special attacks or magic for a short time.

Battle Arena:
30 Medallions

Blocks attacks for a short time.

Battle Arena:
200 Medallions

Allows you to create items.

(From Kate)

Level 1: See hidden things for 2 minutes.
Level 2: See hidden things for 3 minutes.
Level 3: See hidden things for 4 minutes.
Level 4: See hidden things for 5 minutes.
Level 5: See hidden things for 10 minutes.

Forest of Fayth

Freezes attackers for
a short time.

(rare - only in December)

Level 1: Removes poison.
Level 2: Removes poison and heals +5 health.
Level 3: Removes poison and heals +100 health.
Level 4: Removes poison and heals +1,000 health.
Level 5: Removes poison, confusion, and heals +1,000 health.
Level 6: Removes poison, confusion and heals +10,000 health.

Forest of Fayth

Level 1: Reduces normal damage by 10%.
Level 2: Reduces normal damage by 20%.
Level 3: Reduces normal damage by 30%.
Level 4: Reduces normal damage by 40%.
Level 5: Reduces normal damage by 50%.

Island of Abundance
(Quest reward)